BlueRibbon a Winning Choice

image of blueribbon closeoutsAt BlueRibbon Ventures, every day is a clearance sale day. Operating three specifically targeted websites,, and, company president Moses Estevez puts his 30 years of international experience to use by delivering name brand liquidation merchandise to buyers and retailers, for pennies on the dollar. Since launching in 2004, Estevez has approached the closeout industry with a deep devotion to service and a business plan geared toward passing on savings to customers. “We pay minimum price when we buy, and avoid spending on warehousing and shipping related expenses in order to provide our customers with unprecedented value for their investment,” Estevez says. “For the products that we do warehouse, we have negotiated very favorable, full service deals where we pay not for warehousing, but only when product comes or goes. We save substantially and pass those savings on to our customers.”

Estevez expresses that his products are perfect for independent retailers, small business owners and now, even individuals can benefit from the site, because through his sites they can pay as little as four to 10 percent of original retail on items such as high end toys or Kenneth Cole leather jackets, then resell the items near original retail for an incredible profit. More valuable brand names may cost between four and seven dollars per piece, but a retailer could sell some items, such as sweaters or leather jackets, for more than $100 apiece. Pallets can consist of new products or customer returns, the customer decides in advance; but neither of which are ever “cherry picked,” Estevez notes. The minimum order from the toys website is $359 for $1,200 worth of toys, but the other two sites are flexible. The children”s clothing site offers the option of purchasing one or two of an item at a cost of just a few dollars, in addition to placing bulk orders of pallets to truckloads. Minimum orders on the closeouts site exist only in the sense that buyers must purchase a minimum of one pallet. Pallets may contain 400 to 500 pieces at $4 to $7 each, so the cost of one pallet can range from $1600 to $3500. Trailer loads of product are also available from as little as $100 per pallet, depending on the product of interest to Estevez’s customers. handles high-end, brand name clothing from Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, J.Lo and other major department store brands. The Value For Less page on the website details the real inner workings of what BlueRibbon Closeouts is all about. “As a result of the recession, there are in fact more liquidations than ever before, which is wonderful for our business, and more importantly, our customers,” explains Estevez. This means more opportunities for retailers to earn a profit. By enlisting the buying power of BlueRibbon Ventures, and bringing high-end closeouts into stores, retailers can maximize their earning potential.


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