Draw Anything Better Pen

image of draw anything better penWith the popularity of tablet games like Angry Birds, World of Goo and Draw Something on the rise, the demand for an efficient drawing tool is greater than ever. This is where James Epner, co-owner of Draw Anything Better LLC, and his Draw Anything Better pen come into play. The device makes it easier for users to draw on tablets. “The idea for it came about in playing the drawing games,” explains Epner. “I thought that if I was having trouble playing that type of game on my tablet and on my phone, there were probably a lot of other people out there who were experiencing the same thing. The Draw Anything Better pen makes tablet games more fun, since you have more precision with it than you do with just a finger.” Being in the marketing world, Epner and his business partner felt that all the styluses out there were marketed in a way which didn’t grab attention, or make the tool look fun to use. “We thought if we hit the right tone, we’d do very well,” Epner adds. In light of the tremendous response the product received at the ASD show in August, his prediction appears to be spot on.

The pen is made from rubber, with an internal metal support, all wrapped in silicone. It’s fun to use, and more of a novelty item than anything else being purposed for tablets today. “We’re showing the pen at the Emmy Awards pre-party,” says Epner. “We’ll also be investigating variations of it in the future, including different colors and bedazzled versions.”

Draw Anything Better offers wholesale pricing for a minimum of 144 units at $5.50 per unit, and gives special consideration to supporting retailers by providing promotional materials and displays to help sell the product. The shipment comes with complimentary point of purchase display racks, and a two-minute promotional DVD to be shown on or near the display. The video loop explains the product and how it works, in order to help sales teams describe the pen and answer questions.

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