StripWrap Wristband

image of stripwrap wristbandRubber wristbands have been popular for years, and are often used in association with causes and charities. Dozens of cancer campaigns, fundraisers and team initiatives rely on wristbands as a popular form of marketing, and retailers are able to make an incredible profit. To the family of wearable messages, Johnny Bandack, owner of StripWrap, adds his revolutionary rubber magnet wristband, which debuted at the ASD show in August. This original interpretation of the popular wristband trend came to Bandack suddenly, as he was glancing at a rubber magnet business card on a refrigerator. “I thought it would be wonderful if I could turn that business card concept into something wearable and easily visible,” he recalls. “It allows the wearer to make their message easy to see, and with our printing capabilities the possibilities are truly endless.”

The convenience of traditional rubber wristbands comes with a price, Bandack finds. Retailers selling plain wristbands are usually limited in terms of how the item can be customized. StripWrap bands solve this problem by enlisting a printing company to offer customers more variety and control over the designs. Custom designs can be created on the StripWrap website, which also offers tips and tricks to shoppers who would like advice about band designs. Another problem with traditional wristbands is they are one-size-fits-all, Bandack adds. The StripWrap was designed to circumvent fit issues, and is adjustable to nearly any size wrist. “Figuring out the mechanics of this process presented a challenge,” he explains. “We went through several different prototypes and settled on a clear fastener mechanism, which the wearer can adjust so that the StripWrap can fit as snugly or loosely as desired.” Constructed from strips of magnetic material, the StripWrap band is also unique in how it can be stored. Bandack suggests keeping decorative bands, especially those customized with family photographs, on the refrigerator for the whole family to enjoy. Wholesale starts at $1.20 per bracelet, with a minimum order of 300 pieces, and decreases based on volume. A free display box accompanies every order.

Bandack says his motive behind the product was to provide wearers with a way to share happiness, show what gives them joy, and impart that feeling to others. “We’re a Honolulu based company,” he remarks. “I’ve been involved with many charities and organizations here on the island, and as a result I am a firm believer in what we call, ‘aloha,’ which is what we say to offer a loving, peaceful greeting. The main idea behind StripWrap is to help promote these messages.”

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