Innovation Protects Kids’ Pants Cuffs

my hikes pants cuff fastenersLike many parents, Dani Schlesinger, product designer and owner of My Hikes LLC, would buy her son’s pants a little large to try and make them last an entire season. “When spending $25 on kids’ jeans, you want them to look nice and you want them to last,” she shares, “and it bugs you when they’re dragging on the ground. I searched for a product that would hold the cuff up and there was nothing out there, so I thought, ‘I’ll make one.’” The result is My Hikes pant cuff fasteners, a product that keeps pants from dragging along the floor and becoming damaged, while  adding a fun, decorative look. The patented innovation is lightweight, and easy to attach and remove. After rolling pants to the right height, slide the product over the seam and press the center to secure. “So much stuff is created for kids that is just junk and doesn’t do anything,” Schlesinger continues, “and this is something that is cute and functional too.”

Available in seven designs, including a train, dump truck, soccer ball, baseball, flower, butterfly and princess crown, the original artwork is colorful and three-dimensional. The flower and soccer ball are the two most popular, Schlesinger notes, with the company’s new butterfly design a close third. “We took a while to design the product because it had to be small and light, and we wanted it to pass the small parts test so it could be used by children of all ages. It had to be a certain quality and durability,” Schlesinger stresses.

A pair of My Hikes wholesales for $5 and retails for $12 to $15. The minimum order is 24 pairs, but Schlesinger says she will consider requests for smaller orders. Clear plastic displays are available for $15 and $25. Retailers who mention Independent Retailer magazine will receive free shipping within the continental U.S. on orders of 24 or more.

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