Mobile Opportunities for Retailers



mobileBusiness operators who connect a mobile presence with an in-store experience gain opportunities for increased sales and customer loyalty as mobile Internet use accounts for 12.3 percent of web traffic, according to StatCounter Global Stats. One way to do this is through the use of giveaways, which have long driven customers to become fans. Host unique promotions on social media or giveaway websites like or to make customers feel special. Make sure the entry requirements scale with the giveaway’s value. For example, if you’re giving away a $50 gift card, make the entry requirements quick and easy. Requiring six steps to enter is a god way to see your incoming visitors bounce. Requiring just a comment and then allowing people to get bonus points by following you on Twitter, re-tweeting, friending on Facebook, and subscribing via RSS will create goodwill. Run the promotion for about a week. If you let it drag on too long, your readers will stray, and if it’s too short you won’t get as much activity and ROI out of your giveaway.

Another tactic is to use targeted notifications or alerts to share mobile-only offers and promotions with customers who enter your store. This will engage customers to learn more about your products via their mobile phone. When a customer is searching for a product, they’re often looking to get as much information about the product as they can during the browsing and shopping process. This type of information is especially helpful when comparison shopping for one product that’s made by different brands. Businesses can choose to connect customers with relevant info about the product, along with past ratings of its performance and customer reviews. The more insightful information your company shares with shoppers through a mobile app, platform or website, the more valuable you become.

Encourage your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, or elsewhere to interact with your store locations online. Create an engaging experience that’ll reward them and let their friends and followers know more about your company’s products, services and sales. Focusing on campaigns that look to merge your offline and online presence can help achieve a more meaningful connection with your audience.

Photos and video are becoming the most engaging types of content on the web and are an effective way to share your product’s value and increase sales. To enhance the perception of your existing products in store, create video and photo assets centered on these items. These assets drastically improve the likelihood that your quality product will be bought. Companies can look to incorporate this content on mobile by uploading the content on their company website, Flickr, YouTube or elsewhere so it can be viewed from a mobile phone at your store.

The combination of in-store and online shopping helps to strengthen the relationship between shoppers and your brand. By supplying more information in a variety of forms, you’re helping consumers make educated decisions about your products and inspiring loyalty.