‘Tis The Season To Hire

image of retailer holiday hiringAccording to job listing data recently released by Hound.com, a job search website dedicated to monitoring and reporting jobs online, employers in the retail sector are opting to hire an average of 10 percent more staff, compared with last year’s holiday season. Among retailers studied, Kohl’s, Walmart and Toys”R”Us are projected to make the largest increases in holiday hires, with 5, 000 more people at Toys”R”Us, and an additional 50,000 seasonal employees at Walmart. This data is encouraging for Hound’s CEO, Harrison Barnes, who is, “extremely positive about the job market, not just for retail jobs, but also for jobs in other major sectors.” In a recent 15-day period, the website posted 21, 286 jobs, all listed by employers, not by recruiters.

A similar study conducted by Hay Group showed 75 percent of retailers expect an increase in 2012 holiday sales. Among new employees, the general ratio of permanent to seasonal workers is leaning more in favor of permanent employees, as they are regarded as being more committed to their hiring retail brands. Hay Group’s findings mirrored those of Hound.com, supporting the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ announcement that through the remainder of Q4 and into the beginning of Q1 2013, expanded hiring will result in seasonal jobs for 700, 000 workers.