Bike Brightz Lights

image of bike brightz lightsWhen Eric Finch was a boy, he dreamed of having a bed that had lights strung around the frame, so it would look like a car from the film, “Fast and Furious.” He asked his father, Ron, an electrical engineer, if it was possible to make his bed look like a movie prop, and his dad set to work. “When I saw the light strip my dad came up with, I said, ‘I want those on my bike!’” Eric recalls. Ron Finch, now president of the company, developed a strip of small LED lights that could be attached to the body of a bicycle, and tried his prototype out on his son’s bike.  The accessory would soon become the pair’s eye catching new product, Bike Brightz. It was an instant hit among the neighborhood bike lovers, and when the requests came pouring in the Finches knew they were onto something. Weatherproof and durable, Finch constructed the device from ABS plastic, tough enough to endure even the most rambunctious rides. While adult riders love the safety Bike Brightz offers, children and teenagers are attracted because it’s a, “cool and interesting product,” says Finch. “Everyone who sees it wants to know what it is, and where they can get one.”

Voted Most Innovative Product by the Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing group, and endorsed by the Today Show, Bike Brightz are lighting up two-wheel transit. Bike Brightz fit on any size bike, and can be installed in less than 30 seconds without any specialized tools. Using two AAA batteries, one strip can last for up to 15 hours when set in any speed of the three flash modes, or constant mode. Bike Brightz have a set minimum price of $14.99 for retailers selling the product online. In stores they retail for $10 to $15. The wholesale cost is $6.25 each, and the Finches have found that the product sells well as an impulse buy on a countertop, when showcased in a Bike Brightz floor or winged point of purchase display. Orders are shipped within one or two business days.


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