Award Winning Nike + FuelBand

image of nike + fuelbandWearable objects that network everyday processes are of greater interest to consumers, as health and fitness studies make headlines on a regular basis, and widespread concern for physical well being is at an all time high. The American Journal of Health Promotion has released a study highlighting the importance of an active lifestyle, how it differs in rural and urban communities, and the national efforts to increase the number and quality of sidewalks, bike trails and recreational facilities in communities across the country. As consumers move away from the treadmill to the outdoors, there is greater demand for tools that can track the number of calories burned when on the go. Consequently, athletic brands are looking for new ways to synchronize good nutrition, exercise and the other 22 hours of the day. This is where multitasking devices such as the Nike + FuelBand, which was a winner at the 2012 Innovation by Design Awards, come into play.

The high tech Nike + FuelBand performs more functions than the average watch, pedometer and calorie counting system combined. The majority of multipurpose fitness products begin with the design of a watch, and FuelBand is no exception. Its clean, minimalist design resembles a robust version of the rubber charity bracelets popularized by Livestrong. Appealing to both men and women, the band is available in three sizes. The interior of the band houses a motion sensor that contacts the wearer’s pulse, detects motion and measures the intensity of activity throughout the day. The information is then displayed on an LED panel on the exterior of the band.

Water resistant and mobile compatible, the Nike + FuelBand provides wearers with the number of calories burned, the time of day, and a measurement of Nike Fuel, which is Nike’s way of calculating a wearer’s dedication to staying active. Accompanying software and an app offer an easy way to create and track goals with this information. The suggested retail price for the Nike + FuelBand is $149. While Nike does not have a general intake process for new retailers, the company conducts market research and analysis to determine which retailers will carry its products.

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