Necky Warmer

image of necky warmer productThe Necky, touted as, “More than just a scarf,” is a lightweight, polar fleece clothing accessory worn under a coat or jacket. Attached with a Velcro fastener behind the neck, the product covers the entire chest and neck area to keep users warm, whether they are skiing, snowboarding or just have to be outside in colder climates. “I work in sales, and men’s dress coats typically have an open front with a very long V that comes down to mid chest,” explains Paul Boccardi, product designer, and co-owner and president of BOC Ventures LLC. “I found traditional scarves long and annoying, and I thought there should be something that covers you in one seamless piece, with no gaps for wind to get in, that is easy to put on and take off.” The patented product also has a pocket, which makes for convenient storage of sunglasses, a cell phone or MP3 player.

Necky is available in two sizes, one for adults and another smaller version, ideal for children. “It’s easy for children to put on Necky themselves, and parents don’t have to worry about it getting caught in a door or tightening around their child’s neck, like a winter scarf can,” Boccardi points out. Made in the USA of high quality polar fleece, Necky is durable and machine washable, and flips up to protect one’s face from wind and cold. “People love that it is lightweight, warm and adjustable, and that it can also cover the face,” Boccardi notes. Available in black, navy, pink, charcoal and tan, Necky wholesales for $9 and retails for $19.95. On the market for just about two years, Necky received national attention when television host, Conan O’Brien, called it, “The hottest item this holiday season.” Necky will be making a follow up appearance this fall or early winter, when it goes on sale at QVC.


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