Easy Klaw Grips

image of re-axe easy klaw productLike many guitarists, Jeff Cutler and his business partner, Dave Trombetti, were all too familiar with the hassle of propping up their guitars securely to make sure they didn’t fall on the floor. As a result, Cutler and Trombetti were inspired to invent a product for musicians called the Axe-Handler, and since their business’s launch in 2009, Re-Axe Products has branched out to other markets. Cutler, managing partner of Re-Axe through his consulting business, ThInc Tank LLC, now reveals that Re-Axe’s newest product is a rebranded, reshaped version of the original Axe-Handler, dubbed the Easy Klaw. This helpful tool is designed to assist people with canes or crutches. “Since I was using a cane at the time, the shape of the front pocket where the cane would rest became easy to put together,” says Cutler. Canes and crutches can be just as cumbersome as the symptoms they alleviate, but with Easy Klaw, Cutler found relief through a simple solution. In addition, Easy Klaw can be used to prop up sports equipment, mops and brooms.

At first glance, Easy Klaw resembles a paperweight in the shape of a puzzle piece, cut to be just under one inch thick. One end rests on any flat surface, such as a tabletop or counter, while the other end hangs off the edge and provides a v-shaped resting place for canes or crutches. The extra wide opening means easy access for larger canes or walking sticks, and makes it possible to stand up multiple items at once. Due to the weight of the Easy Klaw, the device requires no fastening to keep it from slipping. “It’s scientifically designed to grip and stick,” Cutler points out. Easy Klaw is designed and manufactured in the USA, and suggested retail is $16.95, with wholesale at $7.75. Easy Klaw is sold in cases of eight, which run $62. “There are different pricing points based on whether we pack the product in the display rack card or sell them loose,” Cutler adds. Products with multiple applications can be easily rebranded and sold in a variety of markets.

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