Intriguing Storefronts Attract Business

Intriguing Storefront attracts businessBy Jerry Davidson

An updated storefront is an essential tool for brick and mortar businesses because every person who walks by your store is a potential customer. It is up to you and your store’s exterior to maximize that potential. Transform passable to intriguing with these eight tricks of the merchandising trade.

1. Clean up. There is no bigger turn off than trash, so make sure there is none lingering on your sidewalk. Take a broom to the pavement or hose it down, whatever you need to do to keep it spic and span. Don’t forget that you are responsible for the sidewalk outside your store.

2. Replace any torn, faded or broken signs. Think about the beating your signs take being outside your store. They endure rain, snow, wind and human contact so they may get a little beat up. Having an old, worn out sign makes your business look old and worn out, too, so refurbish or replace it.

3. Change your windows. If you have display windows, make sure you are using them to your greatest advantage. Change them to reflect the seasons, holidays and other special occasions. This will help keep the regulars who walk by interested and may draw them inside. New products and promotions will get their attention.

4. Expand your windows. Windows are a great tool for showcasing your products and you might decide that you want to make yours bigger, if you want to invest in the construction costs.

5. Promote yourself. If you are running a special deal, or even if you run one all the time, advertise it in your storefront. Use a banner or a mounted sign to attract attention and announce the special. Don’t forget to take the banner down when the promotion is over.

6. Lighten up. Unless you close when the sun goes down, exterior lighting is a necessary component for a storefront. What kind of lights you get will depend on your store and your needs.

7.  Liven it up. Try adding some large, leafy, colorful potted plants. Many plants are inexpensive and require minimal maintenance. Use varying shapes and sizes for the full effect.

8. Replace the front door. A new front door can give the entire storefront new pizazz. Remember, the door is one of the first things people see on their way in and the last thing they see on their way out of your shop.

Investing in your storefront may seem like it will cost a lot of money, but it doesn’t have to. A refreshed and enlivened storefront can attract potential customers’ attention, and lead to increased activity and sales.

Jerry Davidson is experienced in the field of commercial design, working with companies like Door Systems to maximize the potential of local businesses.