BasketPong for Tailgating Fun

image of basketpong tailgating gameBasketPong, a new tailgating game from XPS, combines the competitiveness and skill of basketball with the fun and excitement of other outdoor activities such as beanbag toss. The game is available in both door hanging and stand-alone configurations, which come in lightweight, compact carrying cases that are well suited to retail shelves. Similar to a basketball hoop, the stand-alone BasketPong configuration features a vertical setup, including a backboard, adjustable stand and base.

The backboard on BasketPong has eight slots, in which customers place rims that are used to hold cups, considered basketball “baskets.” The goal of the game is to get a BasketPong ball into each of the cups, thus “eliminating” each cup or basket. BasketPong is designed for teams of two, and is generally played from a shooting distance of eight feet, with a playing height of six feet. Players can, however, create different patterns with the rims and cups, allowing them to customize the game and play at various skill levels. Additionally, traditional basketball related games such as Horse or 21 can be played with the product. BasketPong is easily assembled for play within minutes. The half-court game wholesales for $56.95 to $69.95, depending on volume ordered, and retails for $99.99. The minimum order is 10 units.


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