Smarter Tools for Smart Phones

image of meggaphone smartphone amplifier for iphoneSmartphones create great convenience, but are not completely without flaws. Bright, sunny areas can be a major frustration for those attempting to view a smartphone or tablet screen, but now K8USA has a product that helps electronics users see their screens clearly, regardless of the weather. The company is dedicated to creating innovative products with excellent quality, and one of its latest products solves screen visibility issues. “The Shady Sam product is used to cover any smartphone screen and to provide shade, making them easier to read in bright areas or outdoors,” says Tom Cornejo, director of marketing at K8USA. “The idea came from observing a need among people who were covering up the screens of their phones every time they ventured outdoors, only to find that they weren’t able to view their screens well in the sun. We made a product that shields the phone and magnifies the text at the same time.”

The accessory, constructed as a single piece, fits any electronic screen, including those of digital cameras, tablets and camcorders. To move items on the touchscreen, the user lifts the product off the screen and places it back against the screen when the desired content is accessed. Washable, dirt repellent and scratch resistant, Shady Sam is available to retailers for a wholesale cost of $15 apiece, with a minimum order of 12 pieces. The product retails for $29.95 and up, and can be merchandised easily in a display constructed by K8USA, upon request. Shipping is set at a flat $10 rate, regardless of quantity purchased.

K8USA also has a solution for another common cell phone snafu, inaudible volume. For hikers, beachgoers and campers, the need for both outdoor adventure and mobile phone efficiency created a need for increased volume without draining a phone’s battery. The MEGGaphone, also by K8USA, meets this need by making audio four times louder than it would be under normal conditions, according to Cornejo. The mobile phone accessory uses sound wave combination technology in order to amplify sound without using extra power, he explains. “We’ve discovered it’s also great for FaceTime and Skype conversations,” Cornejo adds. “In addition, the user on the other end can hear your voice more clearly because the product also funnels your voice more efficiently into the receiver.”

The solid silicone MEGGaphone is available in both egg and football shapes. MEGGaphone rests on any flat surface and serves as a miniature dock for the iPhone, with a megaphone shaped hole around the iPhone‘s built-in speaker. Available in a variety of colors, the MEGGaphone is waterproof, washable and scratch resistant. The product retails for $24.99 and wholesales for $10 with a minimum order of 12 pieces, and ships for a flat $10 rate. The product comes in a clear plastic cube package with a special insert that makes it appear to float. Additional displays are available upon request. Both the Shady Sam and the MEGGaphone are small enough to be impulse gifts at souvenir shops or retail stores. The MEGGaphone, in particular, translates well into a sports enthusiast gift since it comes in a football shaped variation, which can be customized upon request to show a team’s colors.

Retailers who order on the K8USA website can view a product demonstration video of the MEGGaphone and hear the difference the small silicone accessory makes on the presenter’s iPhone audio. High-resolution photographs, with zoom available, make it easy to get a closer look at each device. Additionally, social media plugs on each product page give retailers the option to test each item for positive customer feedback by liking, tweeting or pinning the product to their retail store. Customers already have voiced their satisfaction with the MEGGaphone on K8USA’s own Facebook page. Retailers may also track the progress of an order by creating an online account.

As the number of smartphone owners continues to grow, so does the interest in accompanying accessories. By adding products that appeal to a wide scope of these customers, retailers can boost sales in any location by considering smartphone accessories as part of their gift and souvenir inventory.


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