Snapette App Loves Independents

image from snapette appIndependent fashion retailers looking to boost their social media presence through mobile apps can benefit from one of the most recent apps to hit the market. Snapette, launched by two fashion forward Harvard alumnae, started as a small-scale social network for women looking to exchange photos of their favorite fashion finds. Initially, it was used for stores located near New York City, Los Angeles and Tokyo, but the list of cities has grown to include many additional major metropolitan areas across the country. Recently, the app was given a makeover, now it is more than a sharing hub, it also functions as a personal shopper, finding and matching apparel to customers based on their locations.

To use Snapette, shoppers download the app to their Android or Apple device, and then take, share and access other users’ photos. The app detects the geographic location of each user and offers products based on that information, often driving customers to small shops and boutiques with which they may have been unfamiliar. It also alerts shoppers of in-store promotions and delivers special discounts exclusively to Snapette users. For retailers, the app is a new way to advertise for free, whereas for consumers, it’s a social, mobile way to map out a shopping trip. Posted photos are seen on Facebook, Twitter and the Snapette website, which also features a blog discussing the latest apparel crazes. Snapette also partners with more than 180 top brands and retailers in cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo and London to give shoppers the inside scoop on new products, sales, offers and in-store events exclusive to Snapette users. Users also can check out what is trending around the globe.


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