Monster Trendz Supplies Latest Jewelry Trends

image of mustache jewelryMonster Trendz originally sold beach inspired baubles, but after operating his first trade show booth in January of 1990, Matt Huusko, company owner and CEO, decided to officially pursue wholesale accessory sales. “I focused on major trends for department stores, but I knew that jewelry was the industry I wanted to be in,” says Huusko, who owns the company along with his wife, Shannon. Monster Trendz continues to carry its classic beach lines, which are quick sellers at shoreline retail stores.

However, emerging jewelry trends are now a strong focus, and Huusko points out that he has learned to anticipate a new novelty theme each year. “Right now, we’re seeing a high demand for YOLO jewelry, which stands for ‘You only live once,’ and for mustache themed jewelry. Another unusual trend is bacon jewelry, which I personally attribute to Lady Gaga having worn a meat dress at one awards show. Celebrities are something you have to pay attention to, in order to predict the next hot ticket item.” To aid in keeping track of pop culture, Huusko also attends music concerts to spend time around his typical end customers, youth and teenagers. “It is amazing what teenagers will tell you about a product,” Huusko notes. “Sometimes it isn’t a matter of whether or not they like a product, so much as whether or not it captures their attention. That, for me, is a good indication of where a trend is headed.”

Neon for the New Year

Monster Trendz has bright plans for 2013 for neon accessories, that the company predicts will generate big sales. Friendship bracelets, spiked silicone wristbands, neon skull earrings and neon paracords are among the numerous selections Monster Trendz has in stock. Certain items wholesale for less than $1 apiece, but the majority of Monster Trendz’ accessories are between $1 and $1.50, with a few wholesaling for $4. “Our sweet spot, if you will, is when we can sell retailers a great impulse item that makes their customers say, ‘Oh, I like that!’ that also brings in a four time markup,” Huusko explains. The firm’s minimum order is $150, and orders placed online receive an automatic discount of five percent off a $500 order, 10 percent off $1,000 orders, and 15 percent off a $1,500 order. In addition, retailers signing up as Monster Trendz web subscribers also receive a monthly coupon, with deals such as $20 off an order, shipping discounts and more.


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