Ice Cream Ball

image of camper ice cream ballIndustrial Revolution, a manufacturer and supplier of versatile and rugged camping essentials, is deviating from its typical outdoor innovations with the brand, YayLabs!. Expanding on the popular Ice Cream Ball™, YayLabs! recently introduced an inflatable accessory that assists users in creating their own ice cream treats. Users fill the Ice Cream Ball with ice and rock salt in one compartment, ice cream ingredients in another (as simple as cream, sugar, and vanilla extract), place the ball inside its inflatable cover and shake and roll it around. The agitation causes ice cream to form within 20 minutes for the pint size.

The ball and inflatable cover are available in pint and quart sizes, and include stickers for the kids and an instruction booklet with ice cream recipes ranging from vegan to rum coconut. The inflatable accessory and ball wholesales for $21.99 for the pint size, and $26.99 for the quart size; they retail for $39.99 and $49.99.  For a minimum order of $250, retailers can stock this item in their stores. “There’s a simple surprise and delight that happens when kids see how easy it is to make something they love from scratch,” comments Graeme Esarey, director of product development. “This product makes ice cream even more fun.”


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