Toasty Nut Roaster

image of toasty nut roaster for popcorn by cajun creole productsThe Tosty Nut Roaster from Cajun Creole Products is a commercial nut roaster, designed for retailers interested in selling age-old treats to new generations who love their great taste and inviting aroma. UL Sanitary approved, the equipment can be used in convenience stores, small specialty food stores, restaurants, concessions of all types and more. The new roaster is easy to operate, and roasts seven pounds of in-shell nuts per batch. Depending on the type of nut, it can take from 25 to 35 minutes to complete the process. The nuts are then dropped into the heated and lighted warming chamber, to be vended to customers looking for a hot, fresh and healthy snack.

Tosty Nut Roaster’s regular list price is $2,995, but the special introductory price is $2,495. “The machine pays for itself, once about 360 bags of nuts are sold, figuring today’s peanut prices,” explains Joel Wallins, Cajun Creole Products owner. “If peanuts are $1 a pound and you make four 4-ounce bags, that is $.25 per bag. If you sell the bags for $2, your profit would be $7 per pound. If you take the cost of the machine divided by $7, you’d have to sell 357 pounds of peanuts for the machine to pay for itself. It’s possible for sellers to recoup their initial investment in as little as one weekend.”

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