Goofy Grin Monsters

image of plush goofy grin monstersWhen it comes to designing wonderfully wacky plush, no detail is too small at Z & Z Toys Corp. With its line of Goofy Grin Monsters, the company has created toys that celebrate kookiness by focusing on contrasting colors, coordination of different fabrics, stitching patterns, facial expressions and body dimensions, explains Zaid Mohammad, company president. “In terms of manufacturing, we have very high standards.”

Goofy Grin Monsters are available in four characters: Sloan, Candy, BoJoe and Irmi. Sloan is the punk rocking rebel who boasts a blue body and black leather jacket; Candy is a playful little baker decorated with jellybeans and candy corn embroidery; BoJoe sports overalls and a green face that harkens a monster version of Huckleberry Finn; and Irmi is a bright magenta monster with orange eyes and pink claws. Each monster measures 15 inches tall. Goofy Grin Monsters wholesale for $12.50 and retail for $25 to $28, with an eight-monster minimum order. With their zany expressions and huggable personas, Goofy Grin Monsters are bound to help children see monsters in a new light. Z & Z Toys Corp. is also releasing reading Levels 1-4 children’s books and an interactive life size board game in early 2013 to further their line of Goofy Grin Monsters.  This and the creation of new characters make Goofy Grin Monsters the up and coming “must have” toys.

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