Flarble Flying Fun

image of new flarble productFlarble, the world’s smallest flying toy, works, “literally by snapping your fingers,” says Gordon Bopp, president of Rock Creek Molding Inc. Prior to mass producing the plastic fingertip toy, Bopp shares that he carved them for several years, in various sizes, for his children as well as for prizes at local carnivals. Composed of propeller and shaft, the patented, plastic injection molded Flarble flies up to 20 feet. The product is available in 57 colors, including specialty offerings like glitter, fluorescent and glow in the dark varieties. Ways in which users can play with Flarble include launching it straight up and catching it, flying it into a cup or container, and playing catch with another person. In addition, many common marble games such as Ringer, Bridgeboard and Nine Holes Golf can be adapted to become Flarble games. It is made and packaged in the USA.

Retailers have the option of selling Flarbles loose for $.15 to $.25 each, or in multiple quantities including a 16-piece bag that retails for $2.99, a 20-piece package retailing for $3.99, and a 24-piece package for $4.99. The wholesale price is half of retail cost. Rock Creek Molding offers a solid oak, three-tier point-of-purchase display that holds 42 packages and sells for about $30. Buyers receive six products for free if they purchase a case and the display. Retailers who mention Independent Retailer magazine will receive their choice of free shipping, or a free display with their first case order.

For more information:
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Website: www.flarble.com