RC E-Bird Flaps and Chirps

E-Bird remote control birds, available from Berlib, flap their wings like real birds, climbing, swooping and diving through the air, while making a simulated bird sound. A rudder on the bird’s tail allows users to direct the bird left or right, and users can control wing speed to make E-bird climb higher and fly faster, or to hover in place. “When someone demonstrates E-Bird at a venue, it’s eye catching and people come from all over to see it,” says BJ Lehrfeld, company partner. The glider is made of lightweight material and is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, because of its wind resistant design. The bird is capable of controlled flight at a distance of up to 70 feet, and flight time is about 12 minutes.

E-Bird is available in four designs: Blue Pigeon, Green Parrot, Pink Butterfly and Orange Phoenix. Four AA batteries power the remote control. Wholesale prices range from $13 to $15, depending on the number of cases purchased, and retail is $30 to $50. Cases contain 24 pieces, and there is no minimum order. The product packaging is bright and colorful, and boxes stack easily to make an appealing display.

For more information:
Berlib Inc.
199 Lee Ave., #762
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Tel.: 718-915-5376
Email: bjlehrfeld@yahoo.com