SwipeAway: The Mini Squeegee

image of the swipeaway mini squeegeeSwipeAway mini squeegees, available from The Blue Swing LLC, are a better alternative to towels, napkins and sponges as a means to remove water from countertops, mirrors and more, according to Brian Lefkowitz, president of the company. “I’m an inventor, so ideas come to me in a lot of different ways,” explains Lefkowitz. “For the SwipeAway, I was looking at an art exhibit of a bathroom mirror with an actual windshield wiper screwed into the top. Then it hit me that there really was no mini squeegee on the market that was small enough to keep on the bathroom counter, or in your medicine cabinet for use with mirrors. What I didn’t expect was all of the other great uses for the SwipeAway. Two of my other favorites are use around the kitchen sink and clearing rain from side-view mirrors.”

SwipeAway is compact, at about 5.5 inches by one inch, and stores easily because it doesn’t have a handle. The silicone backing allows for a soft, non-slip grip, while the curved front provides a resting place for fingertips. The product comes two per package, retails for $4.99, and wholesales for $35.93 per case of 12 packages. The minimum order is two cases, and volume discounts are available. Each case is packed in a disposable countertop POP display. Buyers can custom brand SwipeAway with a minimum order of 1,000 pieces.


For more information:
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