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image of lighter from cts wholesaleQuality lighters function in nearly any environment, and lighters known to be reliable are those made of solid materials, filled with the most robust oil. The new series of brass lighters from CTS Wholesale offers solid brass fabrication, as opposed to traditional steel, rendering the lighters non-corrosive. “This kind of lighter can last a lifetime,” says Kirk Bachelder, CEO of CTS Wholesale. “When the wick burns down you pull it higher, and if the flint wears it can be replaced.”

CTS Wholesale’s brass lighters come in a variety of looks, from simple to ornate, depicting wildlife, tribal and feminine designs. Lighters are sold individually in display cases that are both attractive and space conscious. “This item looks great on a countertop,” Bachelder points out. “It is an easy impulse buy for convenience store customers.” Wholesale prices range from $5.50 to $8, and retail runs from $15 to $25. There is no minimum order, “but customers who buy in bulk are able to access our discounts,” Bachelder continues. Customers receive a 10 percent discount on orders of $500, a 15 percent discount on $1,000 orders, and 20 percent off on orders of $2,000.

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