Kole Offers Home Décor & Art

image of art by kole importsWith Kole Imports, beautiful art is readily accessible. The closeout company recently acquired a large number of high quality home décor closeouts, including vases, candleholders, clocks, sculptures and decorative ceramics. A standout among these products is wall art. The company’s paintings are real canvas stretched over a frame, in the same style as those found at high-end galleries. Paintings measure 24″ high by 36″ wide, and are slightly less than two inches thick. A variety of images are available. For example, item OB677, entitled “Touches of Red,” is an impressionistic landscape comprising muted tones with shocks of electric red smattering trees. The painting wholesales for $11 and can retail for $59.99. The minimum order is $100.

“We have a reputation as a wholesaler of low priced items in the dollar store category, and we still serve this market and carry thousands of items in that price range,” notes Brian Winkelman, web manager. “Our focus now is making it known that we have expanded our line of more high-end items.” Kole Imports is dedicated to the details of the liquidation business. Online sales represent an increasing percentage of Kole Imports’ profits, and the company has invested great care in updating its website. Customers can confidently load their shopping carts, and since the site will not let them place orders for products that are not available to ship immediately, order fulfillment is nearly 100 percent. In addition, Kole Imports’ online system allows customers to access their purchasing history and profile.

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