Colorful Torch Flame Lighters

image of color flame kings lightersColorflame torch lighters from Color Flame Kings have red and green flames, and are refillable with regular butane. “They look and feel like $20 lighters, and have electronic ignition and adjustable flame,” says Jaime Anast, president and product designer. Available in 10 patterns, from an edgy skull statement to the peaceful dove and sunset image, Colorflames come in a range of styles designed to meet every taste.

“We stay on top of trends, so we can continue to bring something new to customers,” Anast points out. “It’s an impulse item. People see the lighter and they have to have it, and they usually buy more than one. Whether they use it to light cigarettes, cigars, candles or incense, or just to have around the house, it’s definitely a conversation piece.” The Colorflame torch lighter retails for $1.99 and wholesales for $1, and shipping is included. Lighters are sold in two different assortments, with five styles in each. There are 50 lighters per display and the minimum order is four displays. With colorful, unique artwork, the graphic displays are eye catching, like the products themselves.

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