Update Warehouse Equipment for Efficient Operation

energy star office equipmentIf your warehouse is the heart of your business, and you are using outdated equipment, you may be missing out on productivity and revenue. Look to improving your company’s bottom line when deciding if you should replace your warehouse equipment. Everything from electric forklifts to office equipment relies on power, and an outdated power supply might not support all your needs. Heavy usage could cause a circuit overload and an expensive power outage. Update your warehouse’s power supply to ensure your business stays up and running. A new power supply also increases your access to new technologies. Take advantage of mechanisms that use less energy and save money.

Office equipment

Printing, labeling and invoicing require updated equipment. Outdated printers, computers and photocopiers operate slowly and cost your business important revenue. Upgrade to energy-efficient machines that improve your warehouse’s competitive edge. Energy Star office equipment conserves energy without sacrificing quality. Likewise, multi-purpose printers reduce the number of machines you need to power. Add automatic shut-offs to improve efficiency and prolong the life of your equipment. High-speed Internet access, modern equipment and updated software support your customer service, record keeping and invoicing needs. Upgrading office equipment also includes all important security devices.

Pallet jacks

Designed to move inventory efficiently between delivery trucks, storage areas and loading docks, pallet jacks are a necessary piece of equipment in most warehouses. Upgrade models you currently use to keep up with your growing business. Manual jacks are affordable and improve your bottom line. Mechanized jacks include a higher initial cost, but your employees will experience less physical strain when they operate them.


You rely on forklifts to move inventory quickly and easily. They do wear out over time, though. Consider replacing your forklifts with new or gently used models when the repair costs begin to mount or when you move into a different warehouse. A larger space holds larger quantities of inventory and may require more or larger machines than you already own. If you move into a smaller space, invest in compact models. Proper size machines improve your warehouse’s efficiency and save you money. You’ll also save money and help the environment when you buy energy efficient hydrogen fuel cell forklifts, which charge quickly, use energy efficiently and increase productivity.


Ramps increase foot traffic and vehicle access throughout your warehouse. Inspect the ramps at least once a year and replace rusty or damaged equipment. If you purchase new equipment or move into a new warehouse, update the ramps immediately. Buy new or used ramps that are certified to handle the weight of your equipment and meet your needs in the expanded space.

If your warehouse is not as efficient and productive as it could be, it is time to consider upgrading to safer, energy saving equipment. Depending upon your space, inventory and needs, upgraded equipment can increase productivity and boost your bottom line.