Car*go Handbag Hooks

image of car*go handbag hooksCar•go Handbag Hooks are decorative fasteners made especially for the car. They keep handbags, backpacks, tote bags and other objects secure when rounding corners or braking abruptly. The smooth, pale gray, faux leather strap is designed to not wear or abrade upholstery, and the snap clip easily attaches to the headrest post with one hand. ‘If you are traveling with someone else in the front seat, you swing the hook around to the backside of the seat,” explains Cari Carter, product creator and owner. ‘It’s a little bit like jewelry and adds sparkle to the car, but it also makes driving safer because drivers don’t have to put any attention into stopping their purse or bag from flying to the floor, if they have to slam on the brakes.” One design is currently available, with new designs in the works.

The Car•go Handbag Hook retails for $30 and wholesales for $12. There are 12 hooks per case, and the minimum order is one case. Opening orders include a poster with logo and product description that can be used to create a product display. The back of the gift box also has written instructions and product intention. The company is offering free shipping on orders of three cases or more for buyers who mention Independent Retailer.

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