Rechargeable Flashlights

image of coast flashlightWith COAST‘s new A Series line of rechargeable flashlights, users can recharge using integrated USB ports. “The A25R and A22R feature COAST’s exclusive new Dual Power Flex Charging System, with a tail cap that pops up to reveal the mini USB where the charging cable plugs in,” says Kevin Corcoran, marketing communications manager. “There are no parts to lose and the system stays clean from dust and debris. They are encased in tough stainless steel, so they are easy to both carry and clean.” Each light features the company’s exclusive Pure Beam Focusing Optic System, providing powerful and consistent light.

“The combination of our industry leading optics, brightness and the new recharging system is something the flashlight industry has not seen before,” Corcoran points out. When the firm introduced the A Series at the AAPEX show in Las Vegas in November, Corcoran noted a very positive response from show attendees. The A22R and A25R come in a gift box that also functions as a retail display, detailing the product’s lumen output, estimated run time, beam distance and the type of optics used. The packages include rechargeable lithium ion batteries for the A25R, and lithium polymer batteries for the A22R. The A22R flashlight wholesales for $62.50 and retails for $125, while the A25R wholesales for $75 and retails for $150. COAST requires no minimum order.


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