ASD Show Launches Miami Wholesale Expo 2013

asd miami expo trade showThe producers of ASD Trade Shows are launching a new regional expo, the Miami Wholesale Expo, staging at the Miami Airport Convention Center from September 30 to October 2, 2013. The Miami Wholesale Expo, Nielsen Exposition’s latest venture, is a wholesale merchandise event positioned to expand relationships for vendors specializing in travel/leisure products, health and beauty items, resort apparel and footwear, novelty and souvenir items, and general merchandise. The event will take place on a Monday to Wednesday cycle to accommodate retailers who conduct a high volume of business over the weekend.

Nielsen’s flagship show, ASD Las Vegas, is the 15th largest trade show in the U.S., catering to more than 40,000 buyers and featuring 2,800 vendors. The show stages twice a year, in March and August, and attracts buyers from 50 states and 42 countries.

“With a show like ASD Las Vegas, we know why people travel all over the world to attend: because buyers and sellers can meet and do so much business together over four days. However, with the economy in a recovery period, we’re discovering that not everyone has the resources (time, money, etc.) to travel to the West Coast for four days, part of that over a weekend,” ASD sales director, John Banker explains. “The Miami Wholesale Expo is going to be a brand new resource for buyers and sellers in this region to expand their business opportunities. With support from our top vendors, we are confident this event will grow in the years to come.”