How Scramble Squares Sell in Multiple Markets

image of scramble squares puzzlesScramble Squares® puzzles from b. dazzle, inc. are touted as, “Perhaps the World’s Most Challenging Puzzle.” The object is to arrange the nine colorfully illustrated pieces into a 12 by 12 inch square, so that the graphics on the pieces’ edges match perfectly to form a completed design in every direction. Available in 140 designs, with themes such as roses, golf, horses, ladybugs and snowflakes, there are illustrations to suit every age group and market, according to Marshall Gavin, EVP of the company. “Our puzzles are entertaining, beautiful and therapeutic. Children love our puzzles, and parents love them because they teach hand to eye coordination, patience, critical thinking skills and perseverance. Adults and seniors love our puzzles, too. Therapists are using our Scramble Squares to treat dementia, and they are written up on the Internet as a means to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.” The puzzles can be solved independently or as a cooperative activity, and each package includes an essay of fascinating facts on the puzzle topic.

Award-winning Scramble Squares are made in the USA, with the illustrations painted by independent artists. Kathleen Gavin, president and CEO, invented the puzzle’s concept after studying interior design at the University of Minnesota, when she thought ancient Greek mosaic patterns would make interesting puzzles. Still, it wasn’t until both Gavins had spent several years in the corporate world that the team decided to try producing the puzzles.

Scramble Squares are packaged in resealable plastic pouches, wholesale for $4.98, and retail for $9.95 each. The minimum order is $100. Display is key to selling the product, notes Gavin, who recommends that sellers issue a challenge. “We suggest telling customers that if they can unscramble the pieces and solve the puzzle within five minutes, they can take any Scramble Squares puzzle home for free.” Each display has a lectern on top, where puzzle pieces are placed to easily engage passersby. “People can’t walk by without stopping to try to solve the puzzle,” Gavin remarks. The company sells several different displays, the most popular of which is the counter spinner display with six hooks. “With the purchase of 60 puzzles we sell the display for $75, which is a lot less than it costs us to have it made. We subsidize it because we know we’re going to make money on reorders. We give our customers the $18 timer and 10 more puzzles of the buyer’s choice for free.” Buyers can choose as many or few of any puzzle pattern to equal the 70 pieces. “We encourage them to pick a broad range of styles to attract a wide range of interests,” Gavin stresses. The company’s modular floor spinner has 24 hooks and holds 198 puzzles. “We ask that customers buy 144 puzzles initially, and we give them 27 free puzzles and the timer.” Buyers also receive a free 24″ x 36″ 4-color “Win A Free Puzzle” poster, available in seven styles.


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