New Idea Hot Seller Among Sports Fans

image of rear gear seatSports fans know all too well the discomfort of sitting on hard bleachers and chairs for extended periods of time. Rear Gear provides a portable, hands free solution in the form of the Rear Gear seat cushion. This versatile product, which rolls up into a pouch, can also serve as a lumbar support pillow. Rear Gear not only keeps body parts comfortably cushioned, it protects derrieres from hot or cold outdoor seating. “One of the things that makes our cushion unique is that you don’t have to carry it,” explains Scott Ballard, who owns the company along with Jeanne Henderson, developer of the product. “It has a belt that can go around your waist or over your shoulder.” Another benefit is Rear Gear’s zippered pocket, which holds necessities such as a cell phone, snacks and credit cards.

“In a vehicle, Rear Gear works great for lower back support, either flat, folded in half, or in the stowed position, depending on how much support you want,” Ballard shares. Of note, Tailgate Radio named the product one of the Top 15 Tailgating Products of 2012. “There is no greater mobile seating invention on the market today,” remarks Jeff Dockeray, executive producer and host of the Tailgate Radio Network. “The dual functionality of a padded storage-equipped seat, combined with superior back support when compactly rolled up, makes this not only quintessential for any game/race day, but a phenomenal add to any desk chair or car seat.”

In addition, chiropractor Pete Zavacki suggests that Rear Gear is a terrific solution to a common problem his patients experience. “Prolonged sitting is damaging to soft tissues, as well as to the bone structure of the pelvis,” he explains. “Rear Gear will do wonders in preventing inflammation and reducing aggravation of arthritis in the hips and back.” Mike D’Addario, account representative for Infineon Raceway, adds: “I have been using the back cushion in my vehicle, driving back and forth to work and to the various outside trade shows and events I do for the racetrack. I use the cushion for extra support in both my back and my seat area, and it really does help with fatigue on a long trip.”

Rear Gear is composed of a fire retardant foam cushion, which along with the belt strap, can be removed from the pouch to machine wash the product. Rear Gear is available in black, as well as in black with a puzzle piece for Autism Speaks. Ballard is a proud supporter of Autism Speaks, and contributes 10 percent of the proceeds from those branded with the puzzle piece to the organization. Rear Gear wholesales for $9.50 and retails for $17.95. The company gives schools and charities that purchase Rear Gear a refund of .50 cents per item.


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