Portable Hookahs

Hookah PortableHookah lounges are springing up in cities across the country, providing a unique social experience for those interested in smoking hookahs in a group setting. Unlike tobacco or electronic cigarettes, however, the original tall hookahs with their long hoses, coal and glass components are not conducive to smoking while on the go. Terrmel Sledge, president and owner of Hookah Portable, was fond of hookah lounges and wanted to make the experience more convenient. Taking inspiration from popular electronic cigarettes sold by sister company, Never Light Again, he began offering a portable product via Hookah Portable.

Bearing in mind that smokers typically share hookah hoses by passing them around in a circle, Hookah Portables are available with extra mouthpieces so that the product can be shared in any location. “The purpose behind the product is to preserve the way that hookah smoking brings people together in a social setting,” explains Sledge. “It’s unlike any other product. If you want the conversation around Hookah Portable to continue, it can. It frees customers from having to stick to their homes or a hookah lounge.” With celebrity endorsements from actor Lance Gross, E! News host Terrence J, and popular MMG recording artist Meek Mill, the product is receiving increased public exposure, which has increased customer demand. Hookah Portables are available in 11 different flavors, including Banana Split, Hawaiian Cream, Mojito, Peach and others. Each flavor comes in its own corresponding color, with variety packs available, and delivers around 500 puffs per piece. Hookah Portables feature an electroplated silver finish, two LED lights and four tips for sharing. In addition, they have no expensive burning components, and release no carcinogens, tar or ash.

The average cost per individual for smoking a regular hookah pipe is around $30, according to Sledge, due to the expense of both the flavored tobacco and coal. “Our product is an attractive buy for end customers, because it cuts that cost in half,” he notes. Individual Hookah Portables retail for $14.99, with a wholesale price of $5. While there is no minimum order, retailers buying a 60-piece kit for $300 receive a complimentary countertop display case. A 30-piece display case will be offered later this year. Free shipping is available on all orders, which can be placed by phone or online.

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