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Ubid DealsUbid Deals is an online community that connects individual buyers, corporate sellers and small business operators with a vast array of merchandise at wholesale prices. Kal Memon, president, launched the website in the fall of 2012 after successfully managing his liquidation business,, a subsidiary of Liquidation Outlet, Inc., since 2006. “Ubid Deals is an online auction website where you bid for deals,” Memon explains. “There is no fee for registration or bidding, and we don’t take any credit card information. You pay only via PayPal.” Shoppers also have the option to “Buy Now,” rather than bid on merchandise. Individuals are not permitted to sell on the website, and corporate vendors must have been in business for a minimum of three years, subject to management approval, to sell on the site.

Liquidation Outlet, which specializes in closeouts and surplus name brand merchandise, serves as one product resource for Ubid Deals, where buyers find only 100 percent authentic and genuine products, Memon stresses. “Both websites are accredited by the Better Business Bureau,” he notes. Shortly after Ubid Deals’ launch, the website was offering about 3,000 different products, all at wholesale prices, Memon adds. Product categories include cameras & photo; clothing, shoes & accessories; computers; jewelry & watches; kids & baby; health & beauty; and wholesale lots. “I sell Timberland shirts, which are sold on eBay for $15 to $20, for $6.99 plus shipping and handling. Those shirts have a retail value of $45,” Memon shares. At any given time, wholesale lots might include a case of 48 magnetic fishing games, which sell for $93.99, or 20 pairs of Ed Hardy shoes for $450. Ed Hardy shoes are priced to sell individually as well. “We’re selling them for $19.99, and they sell for $34.99 on eBay and retail for $69.99.” Buyers are able to purchase individual pairs of Adidas and Reebok shoes for $29.99. “Those same pairs sell on eBay for $49.99 to $69.99,” Memon points out. Ubid Deals also boasts a line of high quality men’s and women’s clothing, acquired from Macy’s department stores, Memon shares.

Memon is pleased with the purchase activity Ubid Deals has generated in the few short months since its launch. “A man from Israel came in to buy my authentic Reebok and Adidas shoes and bought 1,000 pairs at $29.99 each. Another buyer from Mexico flew in to get 500 pairs of shoes for $29.99 each. Those shoes retail for $49.99 to $69.99.” Memon says he is committed to getting the word out that Ubid Deals is the place for great buys, both large and small, and there is no minimum order. “We’re marketing on Facebook and Twitter, and by email. Once buyers have confidence in our products, they will come back. Everything is priced to sell. I’m just here to flip.”

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