Biodegradable Bag for Malodorous Waste

img-3OdorNo Odor-Barrier disposable bags are planet friendly vessels that conceal the scents of everyday waste from diapers, incontinence, pets, garbage and more. “With our innovative and proprietary technology, our bags truly block odor, whereas other bags have odor technology but you can still smell the waste through the bag,” explains Garrett Fortune, founder and CEO of OdorNo. “Other products use perfumes or powders, which blend with the odor but don’t block it.”

OdorNo bags are single use, and available in multiple sizes, including a two-gallon bag for home use, a 13-gallon bag for home health care, nursing homes and hospitals, and a 42-gallon multilayer bag for lawn and leaf collection. “It’s more durable than paper lawn and leaf bags,” Fortune points out, “and it’s environmentally friendly.” The company also has a two-gallon bag for pet waste, primarily used for kitty litter and yard cleanup, as well as a smaller bag for dog walks. “We’re selling more pet bags than anything. The fact that you don’t have to walk around the block with a stinky bag is appealing to many people.” OdorNo will be introducing six additional sizes throughout the next several months.

To use, consumers simply place a waste product in the appropriate size bag, tie it closed and throw it in the garbage. Importantly, OdorNo uses all recycled resins, and its bags are fully biodegradable. “We have an additive in the bag that allows it to biodegrade in nine months to five years, whereas most plastics take 10,000 years to biodegrade,” Fortune shares. OdorNo bags are made in the company’s new Cleveland, OH, plant. “I wanted our products to be made in the USA,” Fortune stresses. “I was in Special Forces in the Army and I fought for our country, and I want to keep everything in the United States even though it’s a little more costly.”

Wholesale pricing is based on volume and can be obtained by contacting the company by email, by phone or through its Wholesale Central website. There is no minimum order.

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