Titanium Sports Necklaces for Health and Beauty

funzConsumers are always interested in health and beauty, and products that provide both give retailers twice the opportunity to sell. Titanium sports necklaces, among the hottest selling health products on the market today, double as a fashion accessory and come in dozens of colorful combinations. “Germanium, titanium and negative ions are very powerful chemical elements when blended together into a necklace or bracelet fabric, according to our manufacturer,” explains Ken Wortkoetter, owner of Fun Zone Distributing, a wholesale supplier of titanium necklaces. “These help relieve stress and fatigue by improving blood flow and circulation.” The necklace material is said to emit energy that controls the flow of molecular currents in the body, and improves the alignment of ions at crucial motor joints. The ions cannot be worn out or washed out, even during water sports and athletic activities. “Many athletes are finding positive results in enhancing their sports performance while wearing these necklaces,” Wortkoetter adds. Professional athletes including Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks and Curtis Granderson of the New York Yankees are just two of the celebrities who have endorsed titanium accessories. Fun Zone Distributing is offering 50 titanium sports necklaces at the 500-piece price of $2 each, and free shipping is included. The product offers high profit margins, as it can retail for $8 to $15.

Fun Zone Distributors is a major supplier of other trending novelty and gift items, including pet supplies, which remain popular sellers, as many animal owners love to pamper their pets. New arrivals include a two-sided pet brush that wholesales for $20 per dozen, assorted plush squeaky pet toys, which wholesale for $18 per dozen, and a 24-inch medium cushioned dog collar that wholesales for $24 per dozen. Fun Zone Distributors also sells a variety of fun and gag novelties, tools and toys.

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