Drinks Don’t Sink

Drink PreserverThe Drink Preserver for cups keeps beverages floating within arm’s reach when consumers are lounging in the swimming pool or hot tub. The idea came to owner, Brett Klisch, 12 years ago while he lazed in a pool, and the product launched at the New York International Gift Fair in January. Klisch anticipates it will be a hot seller on retailers’ summer display racks. “Passersby noticed the product at the gift fair because it was so different,” explains Klisch. “We demonstrate it using a tub of water and find that it’s an effective way to capture shoppers’ attention.”

The Drink Preserver is made of hard, hollow vinyl that withstands sunlight and harsh pool chemicals. It holds most 12 to 16-ounce beverage cups, and stays afloat regardless of how much liquid is in the cup. “Water bottles, sports bottles and plastic wine glasses without stems all work well in the product,” Klisch notes. The preserver is wide enough to prevent tipping and narrow enough to keep the cup from slipping into the pool. Its orange and white exterior, complete with a faux rope, resembles a real life preserver, and it is safe for use in a hot tub as long as the beverage container itself can withstand the heat.

Klisch has also created a variation of the original Drink Preserver for holding a beverage can. The can version is made of smooth black vinyl with a fishnet beverage pocket for added security. Slightly smaller in size than the original cup preserver, the can preserver also works with little cups. A miniature version of the Drink Preserver for tea light candles also will be available this year. “Those make an excellent favor for pool parties,” Klisch adds. The tiny toy will be sold in packs of four or six.

Drink Preservers are packaged in bright blue containers that can hang on a peg or be stacked in a carton display, which is available with the minimum purchase of 12 pieces. “The product sells itself to anyone who has ever attempted to enjoy a beverage in the pool, but the bright colors on our displays help get it in customers’ hands first,” he points out. The Drink Preserver wholesales for $5.50 and retail for $10.99.

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