Labeling Supplies Improve Bottom Line

12Mar13_GM-2Labels and store supplies are fundamental to operating a brick and mortar shop, and business owners need to be diligent about finding the right sources. Labelco owner, Rick Weisenfeld, has been selling labels and store supplies for more than 25 years, and works with buyers to fit the right products to their individual needs. “We sell labels and barcoding solutions for retailers, from the old pricing guns to the newest technology in RFID and barcoding.” In addition to labeling software and labels, the company sells printers, baskets and tagging guns, along with custom labels. “We take retailers from thought to completion, assisting along the way until everything is up and running in their stores,” Weisenfeld points out.

Not only does the company have a wide selection of products, Labelco is committed to offering the lowest prices around, Weisenfeld stresses. ”It goes right to the bottom line. When retailers save money on this type of product, it goes right into their pockets. I have incredibly low wholesale prices because my overhead is so low, and I offer free shipping on everything I sell. The price you see is the price you pay.” There is no minimum order and items sell for as low as $6 with free shipping. Retailers are invited to order online or by phone.

“We specialize in customer service and making sure our customers are happy,” Weisenfeld notes. “Everything we sell is 100 percent guaranteed. If for any reason a customer is unhappy, they can return their purchase. I stand behind everything I sell.”

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