RC Cars Get Smart

13Mar13Emirimage Corporation’s hottest product welds technology and speed in one of the most mobile friendly toys on the market. The firm specializes in slick remote control racecars, boats and helicopters, with none as sought after as the Inteliracer RC Car. “The biggest trend I’ve seen is that toys are continuing to move toward smartphone and tablet compatibility,” Eduardo Perl, president of the company, comments. “Children want the same experience with their toys as they have with their mobile devices. In the case of the Inteliracer, users are given the best of both worlds.”

The Inteliracer’s internal mechanics are geared for optimal performance and agility. “This particular racecar operates on a 2.4 gigahertz capacity, meaning users experience less interference when playing with the toy,” Perl points out. Controlled by an app, which can be downloaded for free, driving the racecar requires no additional remotes. The user simply pulls out a smartphone or tablet, turns on the mobile device and the Inteliracer, and proceeds to satisfy his or her need for speed. The screen will display a racetrack and allow the user to steer the car by tilting the device to the left or right. This motion sensitive technology is a new feature to Emirimage’s app operated cars, modeled after a Wii game. “It’s a unique function,” notes Perl. “We are sure it will be pleasing to our retailers and to their customers.”

In addition to its intricate programming, the racecar is wired with LED light strips along its underside, giving it a look similar to the high-end cars seen in the blockbuster hit, “The Fast and the Furious.” Other external details include streamlined fenders and a compact design, both of which mimic those of a life size racecar. The Inteliracer is available in violet, white, red, yellow, blue and silver, each with decal embellishments that resemble the sponsor logos on professional racers’ vehicles. Each model is finished with a rear spoiler and rims polished to a chrome-like finish. The racecar can be seen in all available colors at the company’s website, where the Inteliracer is listed as product number TOU-2412. Wholesale price is $21.95, with suggested retail pricing from $59 to $89. The product must be ordered by the box, which contains 24 pieces.

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