Cigarette Filters Trap Tar & Nicotine

21Mar13_JZ-2A growing interest in healthy living is leading many smokers to consider less harmful smoking alternatives, and NICSTOP cigarette filters are in line with this trend. NICSTOP targets tar, which is the most destructive component in tobacco smoking, as well as nicotine, which promotes cigarette addiction. Clear plastic NICSTOP filters trap up to 90 percent of these two chemicals without changing the cigarette’s flavor, says Adam Bidav, president of the company. “The product sells well to customers who are having difficulty trying to quit smoking as well as to people who aren’t trying to quit but simply want to cut down on the amount of tar and nicotine entering their bodies.”

The NICSTOP filter attaches to any standard size cigarette, and slim and super-slim versions of the product will be available later this year. Reusable up to six times, the clear plastic filter lets users see the tar collecting inside so they know when to discard it. NICSTOP uses five-hole filters, Bidav explains, “because, according to our research, this allows smokers to satisfy their cigarette cravings while the product filters out a higher level of nicotine and tar than other products on the market.” NICSTOP also cuts down on unsightly dental tar stains. To view the full lab report detailing the differences between traditional smoking and smoking with a NICSTOP filter, as well as numerous user testimonials, visit the company’s website.

NICSTOP filters, which sell in packs of 30, perform well in a variety of retail settings, including convenience stores, smoke shops and bargain stores. Suggested retail is $2.99 to $4.49 per pack, and wholesale pricing is available by contacting NICSTOP or, to registered buyers, on the company’s website. The minimum order is one master case of 720 packs, which is delivered in 36 attractive red and blue counter displays, each of which holds 20 packs. “We are willing to work with first time customers who want to order less than the minimum amount,” Bidav offers, “because listening to customers is our top priority.”

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