Second Glance in First Place

05Mar13_JZ-3Second Glance Resale Shop, owned by Tom and Melissa Jenkins, is one of the largest privately owned resale businesses in Detroit, MI. The company initially attracted customers as a consignment shop and soon found that some of its best consigners were also interested in liquidations, according to Tom Jenkins. In 2004 the company developed contracts with retailers and liquidators and began selling bulk merchandise. More recently, Second Glance Resale Shop opened a second retail location in Eastpointe, MI. “We still receive more product than we can sell in our stores,” comments Jenkins, “so we offer that merchandise to retailers.” Second Glance sells to a variety of retail customers including flea market vendors, eBay shop operators and independent storeowners.

Closeouts and liquidations arrive on a weekly basis, and each load can include apparel, housewares, sporting goods or nonperishable groceries. Liquidation lots sell extremely well in Second Glance’s brick and mortar stores, and among retailers, Jenkins notes that mixed pallets are the most popular pick. “Those pallets are sold exactly as we receive them from the supplying store,” he adds. “We don’t cherry pick anything, though we will occasionally bundle specific items, such as clothing or household goods, for separate sale.” Retailers can buy boxes of one type of item for as low as $95, or purchase pallets for $500 to $1,000. “For retailers looking to jumpstart their businesses and excite customers with fresh merchandise, loads from our major retail suppliers are the best bet,” Jenkins shares.

Second Glance Resale Shop manages a few operations in addition to its closeout business. Consignments, in particular, continue propelling business. “This component of our business diversifies the merchandise that shoppers find in our stores, and ensures that there is always something new or one of a kind available,” Jenkins continues. “It keeps foot traffic high.” In addition, Second Glance runs an eBay store for items ranging from automotive goods to infant clothing. In addition, retailers who purchase pallets or truckloads from Second Glance Resale Shop may use its eBay store as a guide for suggested retail pricing on individual goods.

“We go into every year trying to make at least one big step for our business,” Jenkins reveals. “We have been talking with another large retail supplier to establish an additional contract, and we hope to open a third brick and mortar location in the future.” With closeout contracts in place, two retail stores running smoothly and a solid strategy for 2013, Second Glance Resale Shop is on the path to continued growth.

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