Sparkly Spring Bangles

11Apr13_GM-1Warm weather that encourages bared skin, vacation wardrobes that require new accessories, and holidays that promote gift giving, such as Mother’s Day, set retailers on the track for strong jewelry sales this spring and summer. Z’s Silver Inc., established in 1996, has a reputation for wholesaling high quality fashion jewelry including bangles, bead bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rosaries imported from India. Z’s Silver’s most popular collections are gold-filled, silver plated, and two and three-tone bangles, which lend themselves particularly well to decorating exposed arms and wrists. A combination of gold, silver and rose hues, the three-tone bangles are especially popular now and moving very fast, says Naseem Haveliwala, president of the company. “We have a large selection of gold-filled bangles and bangles with cubic zirconia, and every month we introduce new styles,” she adds. “We recently introduced a two-tone bangle and a sugar bangle, both of which have lots of shimmer and sparkle that women love at any time of year.” Bangles range in size from two millimeters to a bold 35 millimeters, and matching earrings are available.

With a minimum order of $500, retailers receive bulk wholesale pricing, but buyers can place orders of as little as $100 and pay slightly higher prices. Wholesale ranges from $6 per dozen to $45 per dozen, and markup is about 80 percent. Haveliwala notes, “We work to ensure our customers’ success and we provide excellent customer service.” Z’s Silver gives a one-year guarantee on its gold-filled bangles, she points out. “Our customers are our first priority and we always have the right mix of popular and classic merchandise.” The company recently launched a new website where retailers can register and login to see available merchandise and place orders. PayPal and credit cards are accepted forms of payment. With its broad line of fashion jewelry, commitment to customer satisfaction and reasonable prices, and a new website that makes ordering easy, Z’s Silver is set to support jewelry retailers now and in the years to come.

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