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hitmitThe Hit Mit is a double-sided lightweight foam paddle that fits like a glove, making it easy for anyone to play a type of tennis virtually anywhere. Fredi Brodmann, product designer and owner of the Hit Mit, fashioned the product after his patented Brodmann Blades wooden table tennis paddles. With both Brodmann Blades and the Hit Mit, the player’s hand becomes the paddle, allowing for ultimate ball control, Brodmann says.

Brodmann is no stranger to innovation, having also created watches throughout his career, nor is he new to the game of ping-pong. Still, it was at the beach that the idea for Brodmann Blades came to him while playing catch with a Velcro paddle and ball. After diving for a shot and landing in the sand, Brodmann says he was struck by the idea of a ping-pong paddle on the hand.

Later, during one of his visits to the factory where Brodmann Blades were being produced, Brodmann discovered a pile of black, paddle shaped foam plates. The plates were remnants from packaging and were considered trash, but not to Brodmann. With his partner, Michael Young, the two began tinkering and the result is today’s Hit Mit.

The product is sold in a set of two paddles, three balls and a net. It is available in blue, green, orange, red, pink and purple. The minimum order is 24 sets, and a point-of-purchase display is free with the purchase of 36 sets. Numerous promotional videos are available on the company’s website.

Wholesale: $10
Retail: $19.95

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