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Don't Shake itClever kids often become inventive adults, as is the case with Neil Adams, creator of Don’t Shake it sound effects for gifts. “When I was a child,” Adams shares, “I would put pennies and marbles and other things in with a gift so that when the person shook it, they would have a hard time guessing what was inside.” Recently, when Adams was wrapping a gift for someone, the idea for this product came to mind, and Adams, who has a technical background, began doing some research and prototyping his device.

Today, Don’t Shake it is available in two versions, pre-recorded with the sound of breaking glass, as well as recordable. The company provides samples on its website and on its free mobile app, such as an alarm, a siren and a barking puppy, which can be downloaded. “We will be adding more pre-recorded sounds, as well,” Adams notes. Users simply turn on Don’t Shake it and place it inside a gift box, and the sound is activated when the box is moved.

The product has been very well received, Adams comments. “We had a number of people stop by our booth at ASD and tell us ours was one of the more interesting new products at the show.” Don’t Shake it wholesales for $2.50 and retails for $4.95. Initial orders of 50 pieces, which includes a free display that holds 36 items, are preferred. “We recommend retailers place a small gift box with one of these in it next to the display so people can shake it and see exactly how it works.”

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