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Continential wholesalersContinental Wholesale Company sells a wide variety of quality overstock returns, closeouts, liquidations, and salvaged and wholesale merchandise, including appliances, furniture, electronics, tools, grocery, toys and sporting goods. Continental Wholesale acquires merchandise from several large retail companies, and offers the lowest possible wholesale prices to independent retailers, wholesalers, thrift stores, nonprofits, auction houses, dollar stores and more. “We literally sell products for pennies on the dollar, at a small percentage of retail value. Many of our customers sell merchandise for half the retail price, and they still make a substantial profit,” says owner, Joel Orr.

“Salvage grocery loads have been gaining popularity, and we have been expanding our inventory in this category over the last year. A lot of retail stores are adding some grocery to their lines to increase sales. Many of our loads are items that people want, but don’t need, and of course, grocery is a need item.” Furniture loads also have been popular lately, Orr points out, and Continental recently formed exclusive relationships with several furniture companies. In particular, upholstered and leather furniture, and outdoor furniture is getting a lot of interest from retailers. A bit upscale, upholstered and leather furniture affords retailers the opportunity to profit from bigger ticket items, Orr notes. Sporting goods are consistently popular, and Continental Wholesale deals with several large sporting goods companies to meet its customers’ needs. In addition, the firm offers mixed loads which can include a multitude of products, from sporting goods to pharmaceutical items.

Continental Wholesale Company has been in operation for more than 25 years, and sells by the truckload, half truckload and pallet-lot. The dedicated sales representatives at Continental work very closely with storeowners to best serve them. The company is also big on community service, and runs what it calls the T.L.C. Program. “We work with nonprofit organizations all over the U.S.,” Orr explains. “We show people how to sort through and organize merchandise, price it, and sell it to make money for their organizations. At Continental Wholesale, we strive to develop long lasting business relationships that benefit us all.”

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