Polarview Gets U.S. Patent

sunglass manufacturing groupPolarview, a sunglasses lens developed by Sunglass Manufacturing Group, has been awarded a U.S. technology patent. “Getting a patent is an accomplishment, and it proves there is something different about our lenses,” states Bill Fisher, COO. “The U.S. Patent and Trademark office doesn’t issue a patent unless the product is significant enough to warrant one.” Polarview lenses are unique in that they block horizontal, or high frequency, wavelengths, yet allow low frequency wavelengths to come through, he explains. High frequency wavelengths are the brighter ones, such as the sun’s reflection off water, and lower wavelengths, for example, are colors on a digital instrumentation screen.

“Polarized lenses were invented in 1912, and there weren’t too many digital screens then,” he jests. “So, for many years, nothing else was needed. Today, everyone brings their digital devices, like a Kindle and a cell phone, to the beach and outdoors. Most recently, the complaint was from fishermen. They liked the fact that polarized lenses enabled them to see the fish through glare on the water, but then they had to take off their glasses to see their instrumentation.” Fisher, along with David Zeuner, CEO of Sunglass Manufacturing Group, set out to change that and developed Polarview. The technology is beneficial in a variety of settings, Fisher continues, including biking, skiing and running, and the technology is not expensive.

“Polarview costs less than a polarized lens, so we are able to offer our sunglasses at relatively the same price as standard sunglasses,” Fisher stresses. “This means, for the first time, retailers are able to increase their sales margin without increasing their wholesale cost.” Presently, a dozen pair of Polarview sunglasses wholesales for $24 to $36, and retails for $12.99 to $19.99 per pair. Sunglass Manufacturing Group is expanding into a line that will wholesale for $40 to $60 per dozen as well. “Retail price is based on the frame,” Fisher notes, “and can be as high as $89 for better frames.”

Not only does Sunglass Manufacturing Group sell its own line of Polarview products, the lenses are made to fit many different brands. “Several frame manufacturers are talking to us about adding Polarview to what they offer their customers, and we already have some manufacturers selling our Polarview lenses in their frames. If someone wants to license our lenses, all they need to do is engage our lens manufacturer with their frame manufacturer.” In addition, the company is partnering with a third party automobile merchandiser that will be offering 100,000 units to its customers. “Viewing instrumentation in cars is a problem with polarized lenses but it is not a problem with Polarview,” Fisher points out.

To assist retailers, wholesale customers can visit Sunglass Manufacturing Group’s website, and print high-resolution signage that explains the benefits of Polarview over polarized lenses. Furthermore, point-of-purchase displays and boxes are in development. All first-time customers will get their first order for free after making 12 consecutive monthly purchases. See the company’s website for terms and conditions.

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