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promier products safety lightPromier Products is a leading supplier of bright, high quality, affordable LED flashlights that provide cool light and use less energy than old-fashioned flashlights. The company recently introduced the Promier Bike Light, a silicone product with two bright LED lights. The lights are water resistant and have three modes, including steady, flash and strobe. The flash and strobe lights are especially effective in heavy traffic to alert oncoming vehicles, notes Cody Grandadam, president and co-owner of the company.

The Bike Light is available in white and red, for use on a bike’s handlebars and rear seat, respectively. No tools are necessary to attach a light to a bike, as users simply wrap the strap around the handlebar. “It is so convenient, you can literally put it on your bike in five seconds,” Grandadam remarks. In addition, because the light is small and the strap is soft, a rider can take the light off a bike, and carry it in his or her pocket.

The versatile Promier Bike Light also can act as a flashlight, Grandadam continues. “It’s really good to use when kids are outdoors doing just about anything. It can be attached to a belt loop, a skateboard, rollerblades or a backpack.” The Bike Light comes with replaceable button cell batteries, which last around 60 hours.

An affordable way to be seen

“Everyone is talking about being safe when doing recreational activities and the Bike Light is extremely affordable,” Grandadam points out. The light wholesales for $1.50 and retails for $2.99. The distributor price is less than $1.50.

Promier Products packages its Bike Lights in a two-tier display that contains 12 white lights and 12 red lights. “The display is seven inches wide by seven inches deep, so it takes up very little space,” Grandadam adds.  A blister card with one white and one red light is also available. It wholesales for $2.50 and retails for $4.99. There is no minimum order for any of the company’s products.

Promier Products’ goods are available in the U.S., Philippines, Canada and Mexico. To meet the burgeoning interest in LED lights, the company recently opened an office in China, where it works on product design, and expanded its Peru, IL, warehouse to 200,000 square feet. In addition, the company hired an international sales manager, Cal Garcia, to support expanding sales in both Puerto Rico and Mexico. “We’re trying to make everyone’s lives a little brighter,” Grandadam notes.

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