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Tye Dye BonanzaTye Dye Bonanza of Sunrise, FL sells a large selection of tie-dye merchandise, including tee shirts, sweatshirts, pants, dresses, pocketbooks and hats for adults, juniors and children. “Tie-dye dates back to the 60s hippie era, and like many styles from the past, it is very popular today,” says Lori Ruggieri, office manager. “Retailers do very well with tie-dye. Many adults love the retro look, and we have certain styles available up to size 6X.”

Tye Dye Bonanza’s products are manufactured in the USA. “It’s important to have the proper quality cotton to tie-dye on, and we make sure we have the right cotton for the right items,” Ruggieri points out. The company carries 35 to 40 designs, adding new ones each year, and generally tests a new design on a tee shirt first. If it is well received, the design is expanded into other merchandise. “Our newest design is really very pretty,” Ruggieri notes. “It’s green, purple and pink, and we named it Watermelon. We name all our designs, and it’s fun to match a name with a print.”

Styles and sizes for every body

Tee shirts are one of our biggest sellers,” Ruggieri reports. Adult tee shirts up to size extra large wholesale for $4.25 each; 2X and 3X, $5.25; and 4X, 5X and 6X, $6.25 each. Equally popular are the company’s dresses. Spaghetti strap dresses sell especially well, and are available in four colors, with additional colors coming soon. “We just got a brand new line of onesies for babies,” Ruggieri continues, “and they are adorable and made very well.” Tye Dye Bonanza also is expanding into tie-dye sunglasses. “They are fun accessories for a beach cover up or a tee shirt. I got them at a very good price, and we will offer them priced to retailers so they’ll make a nice profit. There are four designs per dozen sunglasses.”

All the company’s merchandise is displayed on its website, and the closeout page offers special deals. The minimum order is a dozen pieces, and retailers can mix and match products. Tye Dye Bonanza is a family-run business, launched in 1979 by Marty Ruggieri, whose son, Marc, is at the helm today. “We are extremely customer oriented. Many of our customers have been with us for 15 or 20 years and they are very loyal,” Lori Ruggieri shares. “In honor of our father, we strive to continue the success he established.”

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