Product Video is a Powerful Marketing Tool

darcie kingBy Darcie King

More than half of consumers say that watching a product video online makes them more confident in their purchase decision, according to a study by Invodo. As a result, many retailers are opting to showcase their products through short, compelling videos.

Video is not only for online sellers. Many big-box and independent stores are utilizing this medium in their displays. User-generated content is becoming especially popular as a means to share one’s brand. It is an easy way to keep content on your website or social media fresh, which enhances Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It also increases word-of-mouth advertising, a key component to social media marketing.

Doritos, as an example, invited user-generated video content in its “Crash The Super Bowl” contest, challenging people to create commercials for air during the big game. The company ended up with engaging videos that brought a genuine authenticity to their marketing.

Disney is another major brand that has adopted user-generated videos. The company encouraged parents to record the moment they told their children that they were going to Disney World, and then used the best reactions in their television commercials.

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries can capitalize on user-generated video content. Here are seven keys to maintaining a healthy user-generated video climate.

1. Keep it simple. The easier you make it for people to share video, the more likely they are to do so. Use video-friendly platforms and encourage sharing. Invite fans to post on your Facebook page, subscribe to your Twitter feed or use hashtags to track your efforts.

2. Tell people why they should post. Urge consumers to voice their opinions, let off steam or be part of an elite group. Develop a fun atmosphere.

3. Build rewards. In addition to fun, perhaps you want to provide a reward in the form of a prize or a discount.

4. Promote variety. Find ways to attract videos of people using your products or have users create a jingle. Create a contest where other members of your community can vote on the videos.

5. Request videos. People are not going to post videos on your site unless you ask for them. Be direct and ask often.

6. Encourage testimonials. Choose happy customers that you have contact with and perform a case study. You can interview them on-camera, reveal the results of the study yourself on-camera or create a graphics-based video. Once you have a few case studies and success stories online, other users will begin submitting testimonials.

7. Monitor user-generated content. Make sure all videos follow the rules of the site and do not contain illegal material. Also, watch for videos that do not conform to your company’s code of ethics or are uncomplimentary to your brand. Use bad reviews as an opportunity to show your humility by responding in a positive way and resolving the situation publically.

A well-planned video content campaign can increase awareness of your brand and lead to more sales. Draw attention to your products by adding visual content to your page or strategically placing it in your store. User generated content is a great way to create word-of-mouth advertising, and you need to create the environment, monitor it and keep it healthy at all times.

Darcie King, along with her husband Kristopher, launched E Video Productions (EVP) in 2001. EVP has created effective marketing pieces for such organizations as Viking Yachts, Kimball Medical Center, Axon Global, Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore, and HealthSouth Tinton Falls & Toms River. Before starting EVP, Darcie worked for NBC30, CT as a studio camera operator and CGI Communications as an online video editor.

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