Credit Card RFID Blocker

RFID credit card blockerThe Credit Card RFID Blocker solves a growing security risk for credit card holders. Available from Northland Auto Enterprises, this new product blocks scanners from accessing personal information in the RFID chips embedded in many credit cards. Over 200 million credit cards currently utilize RFID technology.

The RFID microchip contains a signal capable of transmitting the account number, expiration date and other information. The technology makes payments quicker and more convenient than ordinary credit cards, because users simply wave the microchip over a scanner. “The problem is that today’s RFID scanners can scan credit card information in a billfold or purse from 10 to 15 feet away, without a consumer’s knowledge,” says Allen Lentsch, product creator and executive director of Northland Auto Enterprises. “With scanners costing less than $100, it is all too easy for thieves to obtain credit card data in the U.S.” In fact, Channel 5 News in Minneapolis recently went downtown with a scanner to determine just how vulnerable consumers are to this kind of theft. The news team was able to access the private information of 25 percent of its study participants.

“We offer a very effective solution,” Lentsch continues. The patent-pending Credit Card RFID Blocker is made in the USA of thin aluminum, which blocks the scan. It has a special coating inside so it will not scratch credit cards, along with a permanent coating outside so the product stays shiny and the branding will not wear off. The lightweight product holds up to three credit cards, which can be retrieved from either the top or side of the protector.

With the custom branding that Northland Auto Enterprises provides, the product makes a great trade show giveaway, Lentsch notes.”In addition, we’ve sold thousands to banks that give them to their customers for free.”Credit Card RFID Blocker wholesales for $1.79, which includes custom branding, and retails for $3.99. The minimum order is 120 pieces, and demonstrative product packaging helps sales, Lentsch adds. He is no stranger to creating solutions to everyday problems such as credit card theft. Lentsch also developed the Rent’T'Own and Lease’T'Own car program in the U.S. 23 years ago, and works with thousands of dealers nationwide.

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