Plastic Bag Legislation Affects Retailers

plastic bag ban report

Plastic bag pollution is a hot topic and, although there are differing opinions as to how plastic bags affect the environment, plastic bag legislation continues to spread. The Plastic Bag Ban Report is an online resource detailing plastic bag bans, legislation and related research across the U.S. and the world. It provides valuable and timely information that can be utilized by retailers, government officials, packaging companies and consumers.

Ted Duboise, a businessman for over 40 years, launched the website in 2010. Duboise has a strong interest in preserving the environment, and strives to present current legislation, as well as a balanced view of the effects of plastic bags on the world.  Independent retailers can use the site to learn what is going on with plastic bag bans in their area.

“I have several major chain retailers that subscribe to my newsletter so they will know if a plastic bag ban is going to affect a city where they conduct business,” Duboise notes. In addition, the Plastic Bag Ban Report offers useful articles such as “Get Ready for the Ban: Retailer’s Checklist.” The piece helps business owners prepare for a legislative change, and includes suggestions such as getting involved at the City Council level and voicing their opinion, getting a copy of the ordinance, posting notices for customers, programming cash registers to charge a fee, if applicable, and ordering compliant bags.

“We have documentation on many areas, and we bring all the information together so readers have a unified source of information,” Duboise explains. “I verify every news item we post.”

Government officials come to the site to learn about what other governments are doing in the area of legislating plastic bags. For them, the Plastic Bag Ban Report is a place to get information on how things are done, and how to go about implementing a law.

Members of the packaging industry can use the resource to help prepare their inventory. “They are able to stay ahead of the curve, whether they create plastic, recyclable or paper types of packaging. If they know there is a ban coming in a city or county where they do business, they can have the proper packaging available for their customers when the ban goes into affect,” Duboise continues.

The website also posts research reports to help retailers weigh in on the topic of plastic bag use. “Microbes Colonize a New Marine Ecosystem: The ‘Plastisphere’,” for example, discusses the new human-made microbial communities that marine scientists have dubbed the plastisphere. The article, from the Environment News Service, provides an unbiased look at the plastisphere’s affect on the ecosystem. For more information, visit