New Personal Massager from IQ Technologies

IQ Technologies electric mini massagerThe newest version of the IQ Electric Massager, now available from IQ Technologies Inc., is loaded with the latest features in mini massagers. IQ Technologies is a distributor of mini electric massagers that improve circulation and provide temporary relief from minor aches and pains associated with sore muscles, stress and tension.

“The IQ Massager is a popular selling device all year round, because there is a growing interest in self care. People want to be in charge of their own health,” says Elli Josef, CEO. Young and old alike use the IQ Massager to alleviate all kinds of pain resulting from health conditions like fibromyalgia, inactivity and competitive sports, making it a great seller in the self-healing and gift categories.

New version delivers high performance

IQ Massager six modesThe IQ Massager uses an innovative human bio-electric emulation technology, and provides six massage modes, including acupuncture, pushing, tapping, scraping, cupping and random. The device has ten levels of intensity, an adjustable timer and a digital control display. Powerful yet about the size of an iPod, IQ Massager conveniently fits into a pocket or purse, making it readily accessible at home or when traveling. “People love the product because they can use it anytime, anywhere, and they spend much less in the long run than if they were to see a chiropractor for $100 a session,” Josef points out.

The IQ Massager comes with a 3.7-volt lithium rechargeable battery, and a USB charger with a charge time of 72 minutes. The massager is available in black and silver. “Our product has a five-year warranty,” Josef notes. “If anyone has a problem, we replace it.” Accessories are available, such as a belt for lower back pain and toning abdominal muscles.

“Our experience, technical knowledge and customer support are second to none,” Josef stresses. IQ Technologies runs global marketing and public relations campaigns, and provides marketing tools, including a 60-second video. “This is a demonstration item, because you can see the effect on the body. If you put it on someone’s shoulder, for example, you will see the muscle rise and it attracts attention. Once people feel IQ Massager’s relaxing effect, they want to have it.”

Ordering highlights

Many IQ Massager dealers have kiosks in malls, or sell at trade shows throughout the country. The retail price is $299, and merchants can sell IQ Massager for half that price and still make a large profit, Josef explains. Wholesale pricing can be obtained by contacting the company. To inquire about becoming a dealer, retailers are invited to go to the consumer website and click on “Become a Dealer” at the top of the homepage.

The minimum order is 48 pieces, and retailers can place orders by phone. Immediate drop shipment of products is available. To see and sample the IQ Massager, visit IQ Technologies at ASD Las Vegas, August 4-7, at booth SU2479.

Where to buy:
IQ Technologies Inc.
1631 E. Sunset Rd., Suite C103
Las Vegas NV 89119
Tel.: 855-477-3529